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What does Creux mean? 

Creux is French for a trough. It is pronounced as crew and fitting for camera crews.

How many inserts fit in my trough? 

Yaeger:  Depending on your trough size you can fit between 2 to 6 inserts in. Each Yaeger insert is designed to work in the pre-divided spaces in each trough that Maken has made, Although the two end slots of a Yaeger trough are of varying sizes and in most cases do not accommodate our inserts. Slight modifications can be made to make our inserts fit, for example, Removing the plastic pieces that hold in the dividers can make enough room for an insert to fit in. 


Backstage:  The Backstage inserts come in two sizes: a full size and a half size. The half-size inserts include both T Handle inserts and the 2" and 1" hook and loop holders. 9 full-sized inserts will fit perfectly in a full-length Backstage trough. 


Measure your trough first to make sure what you are buying will fit. Currently, only the latest models of troughs from BacksStage and Maken are supported but products will fit some later model troughs.

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